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    Do you want to learn therapeutic and educational chess?

    Chess is the game of the moment. Thanks to Netflix and its acclaimed series Queen's Gambit, sales of chess games have multiplied, Google searches for the word "chess" have grown exponentially in recent times and, [...]

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    Studies show the benefits of chess in adults and children

    Van Delft, a psychologist and journalist, was one of the professionals who studied the positive influence of chess on older people for some years of his life. He collected data from neuropsychologists, neurobiologists, and physicians [...]

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    ADHD symptoms in adults and children

    The acronym ADHD translates to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder . It is highly recommended that a health professional diagnose it and thus assess the symptoms that the patient has and what is the best treatment [...]

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International chess day

July 19th, 2020|0 Comments

July 20 is the International Chess Day , since this same day in 1924 was when the International Chess Federation was born , FIDE is its initials. However, the idea was not from the federation [...]

What is ADHD & Chess?

We promote the use of chess for therapeutic and educational purposes, especially targeting people diagnosed with ADHD, as well as other groups with learning or other difficulties, such as people with autism, or Asperger syndrome.

We offer these groups different Chess based tools, specifically prepared to train and work directly stimulating certain cognitive abilities, such as concentration, memory, attention, spatial visualization, abstract reasoning and making of decisions. The methodology developed also helps to generate healthy habits and adapts to the real abilities of the students.


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All about ADHD & Chess. Our tools, methods, and everything to help you.