ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder . This disorder belongs to the neurodevelopmental type and is mainly diagnosed in children, although we cannot leave behind the large number of cases that are diagnosed in adulthood.

Education professionals sometimes encounter students who do not pay attention , who do not stand still, or even do both. These are two of the symptoms of ADHD, not why these children have this disorder . That is why it is important that schools have enough information to observe these symptoms, notify their parents and that health professionals evaluate after several meetings and medical appointments whether or not that student has ADHD.

Here are some tips we offer for schools and their professionals:

  • Notify your parents of behaviors that will catch your student’s attention. It is important that you communicate it.

  • Share student information in private.

  • Keep your ADHD student away from windows and doors. This in turn will keep you away from many distractions.

  • Sometimes they need a little more extra time in some activities.

  • The more information you have about this disorder the more you can help your student. You can talk to some professionals or visit pages with information about ADHD.

  • The instructions, if short and clear, make it easier for children with ADHD to understand what they are asking.

  • Finally, we recommend the use of chess . Teaching them to play at the right time and in the right way can be very beneficial.

schools and adhd

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