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23 09, 2020

Studies show the benefits of chess in adults and children

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Van Delft, a psychologist and journalist, was one of the professionals who studied the positive influence of chess on older people for some years of his life. He collected data from neuropsychologists, neurobiologists, and physicians who had recommended chess practice to their patients. All agreed on the improvement of aging symptoms that the study subjects had. Delft classified the improvements patients had experienced into three categories: socialization, physical health, and mental health. Socialization refers to older people finding chess entertaining and as an opportunity to interact with other people, whether they are their age or younger. This [...]

6 08, 2020

ADHD symptoms in adults and children

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The acronym ADHD translates to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder . It is highly recommended that a health professional diagnose it and thus assess the symptoms that the patient has and what is the best treatment to help him. One of the symptoms more common and recognizable is hyperactivity, characterized by continuous movement in the who is the person, the difficulty they have to remain still, talk without stopping, make noises , complications to relax and in general, they are not constant nor do they manage to finish the tasks . Hyperactivity may show up differently if you are a child, adolescent, [...]

6 07, 2020

How is the brain of a person with ADHD?

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Numerous studies confirm that there is no exact cause related to ADHD and its symptoms. There are several factors that can influence the existence of ADHD in the person. There are two factors that we refer to: genetic factors (80% of ADHD cases are inherited from a parent) and/or brain factors . So it is denied that the influence of family or school are causing this disorder. This does not mean that they do not interfere in their life positively or negatively, it only confirms that the environment of each one does not cause ADHD. Regarding brain factors, alterations have [...]

1 06, 2020

Chess is a social tool

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People with ADHD in many cases their symptoms cause certain difficulties when it comes to relating to other people. In ADHD & Chess we present the practice of chess as the best tool to improve and advance in social relationships. Many studies refute this statement, and it is that in a game the player respects the way of thinking and the strategies carried out by his opponent, in addition to fostering empathy, since one tries to put himself in the place of the other to find out the movement that the other will make. Also, some personality [...]

21 05, 2020

ADHD for parents

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Being a parent can be more complicated when your child is diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), but with patience, dedication and the right help this task will be easier. Children with ADHD have symptoms such as hyperactivity and / or attention deficit. When a specialist diagnoses it, it can be a relief to understand the reason for some of your child's behaviors, but it does not mean that you can relax. Here is the time to ask for help and follow the appropriate steps for the child with ADHD to evolve and improve. There are three types of [...]

15 04, 2020

Tips for Education Professionals with ADHD Students

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ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder . This disorder belongs to the neurodevelopmental type and is mainly diagnosed in children, although we cannot leave behind the large number of cases that are diagnosed in adulthood. Education professionals sometimes encounter students who do not pay attention , who do not stand still, or even do both. These are two of the symptoms of ADHD, not why these children have this disorder . That is why it is important that schools have enough information to observe these symptoms, notify their parents and that health professionals evaluate after several meetings and medical appointments [...]

10 04, 2020

Treat ADHD with a multimodal approach

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There are several ways to treat ADHD once diagnosed. It is very important that professionals dictate if a person has this disorder through interviews, physical and psycho-pedagogical clinical evaluations, since the best way to reduce the symptoms of ADHD in life is having an early and accurate treatment. It has been shown that the treatment that achieves the greatest achievements are those that incorporate multiple methods, such as multimodal treatment , which combines pharmacological treatment , cognitive behavioral treatment and psychoeducational treatment, therefore it requires several approaches and health professionals involved in the life of the person diagnosed. [...]

31 03, 2020

What is ADHD?

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ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder . It is a neurodevelopmental type mental disorder, and is the most frequent diagnosis in children. Despite this, there is a lot of misinformation about this phenomenon, hence some people question its existence. It is usually diagnosed and treated in children around 7 years of age, although in some cases it can be diagnosed earlier. There is also controversy regarding its diagnosis and treatment. Some claim that pharmacological treatment sometimes has short-term efficacy, so it is occasionally recommended. There is multimodal treatment, in which drugs, therapy and psychology are used. having a multimodal approach [...]

27 03, 2020

How to survive quarantine with an ADHD child

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Frustration, overwhelm, or boredom can be very common emotional states on these homebound days. It is difficult to cope with the obligation to stay home with young children, but we already know that ADHD can magnify the difficulties that arise in day to day. One of the tips that we want to send you is the one that was recently published in the Professional Psychological Colleges of Spain, the first of which is to face this whole situation with positivism. In addition to recognizing feelings, naming them, adapting habits, socializing through, for example, the telephone. We also remind you of [...]



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