There are two factors that we refer to: genetic factors (80% of ADHD cases are inherited from a parent) and/or brain factors . So it is denied that the influence of family or school are causing this disorder. This does not mean that they do not interfere in their life positively or negatively, it only confirms that the environment of each one does not cause ADHD.

Regarding brain factors, alterations have been detected in five areas of the brain.

If a child has ADHD, probably 76% is due to a genetic cause (Soutullo and Díez, 2007). ADHD is not a social disorder, it is not only related to the environment of the child or adult. On the other hand, the abnormalities suffered in the brain by a person with this disorder are deep neurological structures that have multiple functions. That is why ADHD is “a disorder so complex that it affects different aspects of behavior” , says Vscar Vilarroya, researcher at the IMIM Foundation and the Autonomous University.

Researchers have analyzed the brains of 3,242 people with MRI.


But scholars have failed to find the reason why people with ADHD suffer from these neurological disorders . Some authors claim that it is a delay in the maturation of the delay, but still the reason for that delay is also unknown.

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