July 20 is the International Chess Day , since this same day in 1924 was when the International Chess Federation was born , FIDE is its initials. However, the idea was not from the federation but from UNESCO, which decided to celebrate it since 1966.

Every year on this date, FIDE and its 181 federations organize chess competitions and events all over the world, in which millions of people of all ages and nationalities participate. And these are broadcast on FIDE’s YOUTUBE channel and in turn on various available UN broadcast channels.

The main objective of chess and the dissemination of these competitions and events is to achieve more equality and inclusion.

The event of this year 2020 will emphasize the Covid-19 crisis, highlighting the resistance that this sport has had to the virus, they have been able to adapt and convene these events despite the pandemic. There are even data that confirm that in recent months consumption of online chess has increased.

This day reminds us that throughout life sport and games help all human beings to deal with crises differently, to calm anxiety and stress and thus control our emotions. This is so because they defend that chess is a great tool to improve discipline, promote equality and respect for the rules. In fact, the United Nations Assembly last year supported two slogans: “Sport for development and peace” and “The culture of peace“.

international chess day

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