Train your Mind. Learn Chess

We have developed three complete Training Plans in which we have grouped a set of applications and exercises, mainly based on the chessboard, its pieces and its rules, specifically oriented towards training, improving and rehabilitating cognitive abilities, as well as the generation of a sustained work habit.


Training Plans

Train your Mind. Learn Chess

We know that some of the main problems of people diagnosed with ADHD are:

  • Difficulty keeping attention on a continuous basis

  • Predominance of impulsive processing over reflective processing

  • Difficulties in organizing information

  • Lack of problem-solving strategies

  • Disorganization and lack of autonomy

Working with these training plans is an ideal setting to help people diagnosed with ADHD, as well as others who may have special learning difficulties.

learn chess
improve cognitive abilities

The three Training Plans are progressive, with the main objective of generating an autonomous working context for the student, adapted to his concrete conditions, age, working rhythm and his possibilities.

With any of these Training plans we work based mainly on chess, with a methodology which allows the student to make clear progress in for specific areas:

  • Improve and rehabilitate basic cognitive abilities

  • Increase attention and concentration capacity

  • Generate a habit of sustained work

  • Develop skills that will allow to progress in chess practice

These Training Plans are mainly organized according to the student’s time availability, and can work on them autonomously and without the need for a presential monitoring by their parents, tutors, teachers, etc. In every Training Plan, the student’s activity remains registered.

Of course, and especially when it comes to the generation of habit and discipline of sustained work, which is so necessary and recommended in some cases, a certain frequent dedication is preferable, as the benefits and progress will be appreciated much more quickly.

Although most of the developed Applications use chess as the principal support, it is not necessary to have any previous chess knowledge, beyond a simple understanding of how the pieces move and the main game rules.

The students who have no prior chess knowledge and are starting from scratch can access to basic reading of the pieces’ movements and the chess main rules at Chess From Zero.


In order to adapt as best as possible to all needs, we propose three complete Training Plans (Squirrel Training Plan, Monkey Training Plan and Elephant Training Plan) differentiated by:

  • The necessary dedication time

  • The variety of exercises available in each of them

Each plan includes certain functionalities and types of exercises, as well as a greater number of exercises available in each case. The objective is to be able to offer the plan that best adapts to each student’s possibilities.

The Training Plans, aimed at people of all ages, are the following:

Training Plan Recommended for…
Squirrel Plan Recommended for students with very limited time available throughout the week. Very occasional dedication time for the realization of some exercises in a punctual way.
Monkey Plan Recommended for those who may consider it important to generate a sustained work habit. More continuous and frequent time dedication, therefore, will allow the realization of a greater number of exercises and a greater variety.
Elephant Plan Recommended for those who must have an even greater impact on the habit and work discipline, which will also allow them to perform, in an unlimited way, a greater number of exercises with a wider variety. It requires the highest dedication commitment.

The student may begin with a Training Plan and subscribe on a superior plan whenever it is wished.

If you believe that a daily or almost daily dedication is possible, our general recommendation is the Monkey Training Plan or the Elephant Training Plan, since with them a work discipline is acquired quicker and a greater number of exercises can be completed, therefore, a wider range of capacities.

Which Training Plan to choose?

Our main recommendation is to select the plan that best suits the student’s time availability and the main objectives to be pursued, in relation to the work habit, cognitive abilities and chess level improvements.

We believe that most of the time the Monkey Training Plan or the Elephant will surely be appropriate, not only because they’re prepared for completing a greater number of exercises, but also by dedicating more time, there is a greater exercises variety and therefore a greater work range…


The work methodology is common to all Training Plans. In all of them, using Internet connection, the student has access to the Online Campus Platform where he or she will be able to complete the different exercises in an autonomous way at home and without the need for presential monitoring at that very moment by their parents, teachers, tutors or other specialists.

This methodology is specially designed to achieve very concrete objectives, which are particularly interesting in most cases of people diagnosed with ADHD

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