Aware of the important role played by institutions, organizations, psychologists, professionals and specialists of all kinds who regularly work with people diagnosed with ADHD and other learning difficulties groups, we have developed a special Collaboration Program for all those professionals who wish to use any of our tools with their students or patients diagnosed with ADHD.


What is this Collaboration Program about?

Our training plans are a complementary tool to traditional ADHD treatment, within the context of multimodal treatments. They provide significant benefits to students and patients diagnosed with ADHD or other special needs, and use chess as the main and motivating support, as it offers important cognitive and emotional benefits.

  • We offer our Training Plans to those who join the program in order to use them in their professional therapeutic activity with their students or patients.

  • We create a network of professional partners, ADHD specialists around the world, to whom we give visibility in all our channels and social networks

  • We establish a remuneration system based on the Training Plans used.

All our partners must obtain previous authorisation from the ADHD & Chess team. We try to ensure the highest quality in the provision of the services we offer through the Network of Official Partners.

Who is this special program for?


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The ADHD & Chess Cognitive Training Plans have been designed to assist specialists, psychologists and other health professionals, as well as teachers, schools, institutions and associations specializing in children and adults with learning difficulties, and specifically in ADHD treatment.

The different exercises proposed in the Training Plans intend to improve certain cognitive abilities through tools based on chess.

Specialists and professionals can always have access to a complete report about the activity, results, effort and progress in the student’s or patient’s evolution, who can complete the different exercises proposed in the Training Plans from their home, without the specialist’s presence.

When perfectly combined with chess, these Training Plans contributes to awakening or increasing interest in chess, which, in addition to be an important motivating element, undoubtedly represents a long-term investment for the patient or student, due to the great cognitive and emotional benefits it has. The fame of chess is a resource forever.

Our Cognitive Training Plans are being implemented around the world at institutions that provide services of all kinds of children, but especially for kids with specific needs or learning disabilities, in addition to individuals diagnosed with ADHD.

What will you get joining this program?

6 reasons to become our partner

  • 1To provide your patients or students with a set of innovate, alternative and complementary tools to their current treatments, mainly based on chess. It is not a matter of replacing the work that is currently being done, but of complementing it.

  • 2To provide a platform that allows your students or patients to complete personalized, continuous and daily training from their own home, treatment center or school. With the platform you will be able to monitor their activity, dedication, performance and progress.

  • 3To promote the attraction and interest in chess at all age levels. One of the most effective educational tools with multiple benefits, not only at the cognitive and mental level, but also at the emotional level and self-esteem reinforcement.

  • 4To be part of a worldwide network of professional partners who are specialists in ADHD, using complementary tools within the multimodal treatment of ADHD. We always call on our network of partners when we are asked to provide personalised assistance and guidance on ADHD-related issues.

  • 5We give visibility to your work, your publications or most interesting articles within our usual publication media and the different social networks. We love to publish relevant information related to ADHD from the best specialists.
  • 6Access to significant economic advantages by collaborating with ADHD & Chess by using our Training Plans. Please, contact us filling the form and we will inform you about the economic details and collaboration ways.

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