The ADHD & Chess Project

Our main mission is to spread Chess practice for a therapeutic and educational purpose among people diagnosed with ADHD, as well as other groups with learning difficulties or special needs, such as Autism, Asperger syndrome and elderly people.

All this, contributing to encourage the interest in chess in society and reveal the values and benefits that chess represents.

The practice of chess, from initiation to the most advanced levels, influences the stimulation and development of multiple cognitive abilities such as concentration, attention, memory, spatial visualization and calculation, among others, in addition to contribute to habit generation and development of self-esteem, self-control and other social and emotional skills.

In particular, as demonstrated and supported by multiple studies, chess can be very positive as a complementary tool to other treatments to help improve as an alternative to people diagnosed with ADHD, helping both cognitive rehabilitation and the generation of habit or patterns of behavior that improve attention and contribute to curb impulsivity.

Chess is becoming a powerful educational tool in the academic development of the child and is also efficient and very beneficial in the therapeutic field for different groups.

We provide this groups with different tools based in Chess, particularly designed to directly train and work on the stimulation of certain cognitive abilities, such as concentration, memory, attention, spatial vision, abstract reasoning and decision making.

The developed methodology also contributes on generating healthy habits and adapts to the actual abilities of users.


In particular, the main objectives of the ADHD & Chess project are:

  • Use chess as a key tool to help ADHD diagnosed people improve, through specific treatment plans adapted to their time availability and their current cognitive abilities, as well as their chess knowledge.
  • To promote and disseminate in society the interest in chess and its particular application in the educational and therapeutic field, by making known its potential and benefits.
  • Develop, in collaboration with the right specialists and professionals, new tools and specific applications adapted to other groups with special learning needs.

We are proud that more and more people around the world are using our Training Plans, and that we can contribute to spreading among society the therapeutic and educational use of chess, providing great value while promoting interest in chess practice, which offers so many benefits for individuals and society altogether.

Who can we help?


persons with autims or asperger


children with ADHD at school


profesionals of ADHD

Training Plans are being implemented in institutions and homes around the world, being effective with all types of children, but especially with those with specific needs or learning difficulties, as well as people diagnosed with ADHD.

The ADHD & Chess Platform Training Plans are designed to help specialists, psychologists and other health professionals, as well as teachers, schools, institutions and associations specializing in children and adults with learning specifically in the treatment of ADHD, that will always have access to a full report on activity and progress in student or patient evolution.

Why Choose ADHD & Chess Training Plans?

Our Training Plans adapt to the needs of each student according to the time they can spend on it and the variety of exercises available. Work can be done from home and parents or specialized professionals can monitor activity and progress.

Chess has become a powerful educational tool because its practice has very positive effects on children’s intellectual development, and contributes to generating habits and developing self-control and other social and emotional skills.

  • Chess Helps Against ADHD – Improves Your Cognitive Skills While Learning Chess
  • Educating people, not champions – we encourage learning and growth
  • Chess is a game forever – the benefits are found in all ages

Our Values

Promote and disseminate the use of chess for therapeutic and educational purposes by helping groups with special learning difficulties, especially people diagnosed with ADHD, autism or Asperger.

We are convinced that the combination of technology, learning psychology and chess-based tools as a therapeutic and educational resource represents an innovative scenario of complementary applications to the classic treatment of ADHD and others special difficult learnings, in turn constituting an effective framework for these people, but also for their parents, teachers, psychologists and other specialized professionals.

We develop our products and services based on our experience in e-learning, educational chess and analysis of large volumes of data, always with a vocation to help the end user of our products, people diagnosed with ADHD, Autism or Asperger’s.

We generate a sense of belonging, honesty, responsibility and commitment to the values of the project collaborator, especially help based on the use of chess as a therapeutic and educational resource.

The ADHD & Chess project is led by a team of experts in e-learning, data analysis technology, psychologists and specialists in ADHD and learning difficulties, as well as in therapeutic and educational chess.

In addition, many parents and anonymous professionals are an indispensable part of our project that convey first-hand their needs and concerns about the evolution of their children and patients, with which we feel committed.


We are a team of people specialized in the development of educational tools based on chess and their therapeutic application, and we work alongside specialists in the treatment and help of people diagnosed with ADHD, and other groups with special learning needs.

As a result of this work and our collaboration with other specialists, we have developed the ADHD & Chess project, as well as the applications and tools used in our Training Plans.

The chess applications used on our platform have been developed in collaboration with the Chess School The Method In Chess, whose training methodology has already been tested and used around the world, both by people interested in improving and progressing in their chess level, as well as in the educational and therapeutic field.