Cognitive Training Exercises for ADHD

Making ADHD your Superpower

The following exercises are included in the different Cognitive Training Plans for ADHD.

You can check the purpose and objectives of each exercise, which are the main skills that are worked with each one, the desirable knowledge of chess for that exercise, and the Training Plans in which it is included.

In some exercises, you can enjoy a completely free online demo version.


Discover the Attacked Pieces

Exercise your attention and visualization capacity in chess to discover the dangers in a particular position, identifying all the pieces that may be attacked by others, in different complexity positions. Undoubtedly the basis of chess training to not forget any material threat.


Master the Chessboard

Train your spatial vision and your memory, by improving your mental and geometric chessboard visualization, through the coordinates of their squared and the basic movements of the chess pieces along the board.


Mathematics: basic operations I

Increase and improve your mental mathematical calculation capacity, developing thought strategies and exercising your short-term memory, mentally performing mathematical operations for all levels, which will help you get your mental activity up and running, especially at the beginning of your training sessions.


Train Solving Chess Problems

Train your abstract reasoning and develop creative thinking strategies to solve chess problems from all categories, while increasing your tactical capacity in chess. Undoubtedly the resource that will make you quickly improve your playing level and the essential tool to develop combinations in chess.


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