There are several ways to treat ADHD once diagnosed. It is very important that professionals dictate if a person has this disorder through interviews, physical and psycho-pedagogical clinical evaluations, since the best way to reduce the symptoms of ADHD in life is having an early and accurate treatment.

It has been shown that the treatment that achieves the greatest achievements are those that incorporate multiple methods, such as multimodal treatment , which combines pharmacological treatment , cognitive behavioral treatment and psychoeducational treatment, therefore it requires several approaches and health professionals involved in the life of the person diagnosed.

Multimodal treatment uses medications, therapy, and psychology. Having a multimodal approach has been shown to have several benefits for people diagnosed with ADHD.

  • Pharmacology: refers to the use of medications if a health professional after analyzing and examining the patient determines that it may be beneficial. However, medications are not a cure for ADHD in any case.

  • Therapy: at this point, therapies of many types can be used, a professional must determine which will help the patient the most, whether it is psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, among other options.

  • Psychopedagogy: learning is one of the best methods to develop abilities that some people do not believe have been diagnosed. For this reason, we encourage the use of chess as a psycho-pedagogical therapy, since it has been shown to reduce the negative effects of ADHD.

Multimodal Approach ADHD Chess

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