ADHD affects between 2 and 5% of the child population, but it is a Disorder that can be difficult to diagnose , so it is important that a professional is in charge of doing it.

The best way to help a child with this disorder is to observe the symptoms, check if they have difficulties when it comes to self-control and pay continuous attention in certain situations, among other symptoms.

Or assume that you have it without having confirmed this by a professional, because for parents and teachers it can be easy to believe that they have this disorder and it is really another problem.

Once diagnosed, it is not necessary to stop here, it is not the time to breathe relieved to know what is happening, but to help the child to improve and advance, since having knowledge of the cause, remedies can be implanted and effective solutions, as we have mentioned in other articles such as: ADHD link for parents.

adhd chess celebrate diferences

In ADHD & Chess We promote the use of chess to help improve and advance children and adults with disorders such as ADHD , as well as other groups with learning difficulties, such as autism or the Asperger syndrome.

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