Frustration, overwhelm, or boredom can be very common emotional states on these homebound days. It is difficult to cope with the obligation to stay home with young children, but we already know that ADHD can magnify the difficulties that arise in day to day.

One of the tips that we want to send you is the one that was recently published in the Professional Psychological Colleges of Spain, the first of which is to face this whole situation with positivism. In addition to recognizing feelings, naming them, adapting habits, socializing through, for example, the telephone.

We also remind you of the importance at this time of maintaining daily routines, using your imagination, creativity and above all, being patient.

  • Get motivated to get up in the morning

As tempting as it may be to stay in bed longer than usual, what doctors and psychologists recommend is that we wake up at the same time and take advantage of the morning.

  • Play sports

It is crucial that you stay a little in shape these days that most of the time we will be sitting and in a small space. This, in addition, is really important if it is a child with hyperactivity.

  • Prepare diagrams every day

Establishing schedules to do homework, to watch television or play and to follow that routine every day is important. You can rest a little from this structure during the weekend so as not to saturate our little ones.

  • Prepare them mentally

Explaining the situation to them also makes the situation more bearable.

I Stay at Home ADHD Chess
  • Plan the time

It is important not to saturate with the same activities every day, here we can be creative and do different things every day. It can be good for the child and for the adult. Staying busy is important!

  • The rules are the rules

You cannot speak to this situation. Although they may think that they are on vacation, this is not the case.

  • Play chess!

Finally, from here we invite those who have not yet tried this sport, it will help to pass a more pleasant quarantine, but also, it will be an activity to include in the day to day when all this happens, because the benefits of chess are many and it has been shown to help people with disorders like ADHD. Let’s play!

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