• Chess teaches children to think analytically and logically.

  • Chess helps promote intellectual growth and has been shown to improve academic performance.

  • Chess is a powerful tool for developing thinking and memory in children.

  • It also helps them build up their decision-making tools.

  • It educates them to be responsible for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

better results in mathematics

The most frequently cited general benefits include the development of:

  • Cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, and logical thinking; essential skills for the development of the individual.

  • Critical thinking, improving the ability to assess strengths and weaknesses, establish value judgments and make decisions.

  • Increased creativity, through problem solving.

  • Ethical sense. Improvements in attitude and general behaviour are often noted.

  • Better results in mathematics.

  • Improvements in literacy.


People diagnosed with ADHD frequently present some of these characteristics:

  • Have difficulty processing several stimuli simultaneously

  • Present difficulty keeping attention on a continuous basis

  • Have difficulty learning and remembering what they learned by processing superficial information

  • Lack of cognitive flexibility in information processing

Our Training Plans based on chess are an efficient tool to improve these aspects.

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