Chess is noted as beneficial for multiple cognitive skills:

  • Focusing Attention – Children soon learn that if they don’t watch what is happening on the chessboard, they can’t respond to it, no matter how clever they are.
  • Visualization – Imagining a sequence of actions before it happens. This ability is strengthened by moving the pieces in the mind before doing so on the board.
  • Abstract Reasoning – The ability to analyse information, detect patterns and relationships, and solve problems is developed. One learns to take patterns used in one context and apply them to different, but related situations.
  • Planning – Developing longer range goals and taking steps to bring them about. The need to re-evaluate plans as developments change the situation.
  • Weighing Options – Learning that you don’t have to do the first thing that pops into the mind.
  • Analysing Concretely – Does this sequence help me or hurt me?
  • Thinking Ahead – Learning to think first, then act.

Training Plans for ADHD

We have at your disposal different chess exercises specifically designed for the complementary treatment of ADHD.

These exercises are grouped into three different Cognitive Training Plans

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ADHD chess train your mind


People diagnosed with ADHD frequently present some of these characteristics:

  • Have difficulty distinguishing relevant from irrelevant stimuli

  • Have difficulty paying attention to stimuli that appear with a slow frequency

  • Experience learning difficulties that may lead to academic failure

  • Have difficulties in calculation and mathematical problem solving

Our Training Plans based on chess are an efficient tool to improve these aspects.

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