Chess is the game of the moment. Thanks to Netflix and its acclaimed series Queen’s Gambit, sales of chess games have multiplied, Google searches for the word “chess” have grown exponentially in recent times and, in short, everyone is now talking about chess and its emotional and educational benefits for those who play it.

Do you want to learn chess with us?.

Many people interested in our Chess-based Cognitive Training Plans ask us if it is necessary for parents, teachers, adults and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to know how to play chess in order to use them. The answer is simple: of course NOT.

In most of the chess-based cognitive training exercises, it is enough to know the main movements of the pieces and the most basic rules of chess to be able to obtain positive results from the Chess-based Cognitive Training Plans. Of course, the students who are using our Plans with discipline and continuity, are also gradually acquiring the necessary skills to get to know chess better and improve their level, almost without realising it.


We are aware, however, that many parents, teachers and health professionals in the treatment of adults and children with ADHD, have great interest in chess , and are determined to explore this exciting world, very especially considering its therapeutic and educational potential .

For this reason, at ADHD & Chess , we have designed a training program of chess classes, with educational and therapeutic guidance . The objective of these classes is to teach chess, for any age and level, adapted to the specific knowledge of the person.

However, beyond the objective of learning to play chess well, we intend to teach how to use chess in the educational and therapeutic field.


  • Tools and games to obtain the benefits of chess from an educational and therapeutic point of view
  • Specific applications of chess to improve spatial vision, attention, concentration or memory, through the chess board and the movement of some of its pieces
  • Basic chess knowledge for those who do not know anything about this game, so that they can teach some elementary principles of the game to their students, children, or people who are using the Cognitive Training Plans.

When can you start?

You can start right now!

Chess classes are taught online, at times to be agreed between the ADHD & Chess team of teachers and those interested.


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