From 8 € / month (annual subscription)

The membership fee to ADHD & Chess , implies belonging to a worldwide work network , made up of professionals specialized in different areas, specifically related to the treatment of people diagnosed with ADHD: psychology, neurodevelopment, educators and teachers, psychiatry, specialists in motor coordination and physiotherapy, psychopedagogues, musicians, chess players and, ultimately, professionals from all sectors who can contribute with their valuable knowledge to the treatment of people with ADHD and other learning difficulties, whether they are children or adults.

Among the advantages offered to Official Collaborators, we highlight:

  • Membership of the Official Partners Network, with a wide geographical representation worldwide.
  • Access to the Psychology Consultation, Assistance and Guidance services offered by ADHD & Chess, which the collaborator will provide on their own, online or in person.
  • Visibility and promotion of the articles, works, publications, blogs, social networks of the affiliates through our blog and our own channels and networks.
  • Basic visibility in our directory of Official Partners presenting a summary and indication of their main services and areas of expertise.
  • Financial remuneration for collaboration with the ADHD & Chess platform. The financial conditions are agreed individually with each affiliate.
  • With the payment of the fee it is also included access to the Tutoring and User Monitoring Module. Special edition for up to 15 users.
  • Special discounts on the main products and services offered on the ADHD & Chess platform.

To join the Partner Network, you must have previous authorisation from the ADHD & Chess team. We will ask you some questions about your activity to ensure a process of approval and maximum quality in the provision of services to all our users and partners. If you do not have your authorisation yet, please sign up now by joining our Collaboration Programme