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Train your Mind. Learn Chess

The work methodology proposed in every Training Plan is specifically designed to achieve the following objectives, which are particularly interesting an applicable in most cases for people diagnosed with ADHD:

  • To increase attention and concentration capacity, since the proposed exercises in every plan require a quiet, serene and concentrated dedication on the activity being completed, as well as a high attention level for the exercise details.

  • Progressively develop other specific cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, detail perception, abstract reasoning, spatial visualization, calculation, decision making and time management. All of this with increasing difficulty levels that allow each student to gradually adjust to their actual abilities, regardless the contracted Plan.

improve concentration
  • To influence positively and directly on the student’s ability to play chess. The same way as in any sport activity training, the athletes repeat the same exercises thousands of times until reaching a great mastery and automating the necessary movements, the exercises proposed in our methodology are specially designed to automate certain mental processes, which will help improve the game level, and will enhance abstract vision and reasoning required for the chess practice.

  • To generate a working habit among students, since benefits obtained are higher when they rely on continuity and acquire a certain discipline in their implementation.

Once the Training Plan that best suits the student’s needs and objectives has been contracted, the student will be able to access the Online Campus platform to begin completing the exercises.

With the appropriate modulo, the student’s parents, teachers or tutors will also be able to access the Online Campus to track, schedule activity control alerts and perform other monitoring tasks.

The work methodology is common in all Training Plans. In all of them, using internet connection, the student accesses the Online Campus platform where he or she can complete the different exercises in an autonomous way, at home, at any time during the day, and without the need for presential monitoring by his or her parents, teachers, tutors or other specialists.


  • Depending on the student’s profile, and based above all on their time availability, knowledge, age, skills and preferences, we will establish an indicative and recommended working plan to facilitate their progress and to achieve their objectives.

  • The student will be able to complete different exercise typologies proposed within the contracted Training plan. These exercises are configured with multiple difficulty levels, which will progressively increase, as the students becomes familiar with the platform and makes progress or improvements.

  • The Online Campus registers all the student’s activity, so that both student and parents, teachers, tutors can easily consult their time dedication, analyze their progress curves and establish objective assessments about their progress. In addition, with the appropriate module, parents, specialists or tutors are also provided with adequate alert systems for monitoring the student’s activity, comparative data for statistical purposes that may be useful in making decisions and evaluating progress and improvement.

You can check the main exercises included in the different Training Plans and get a detailed description of each one of them.

Plan comparison. Pricing.

Compare the amount of monthly exercises in each Training Plan, as well as the exercises variety in each of them. Many times, the recognized Monkey Training Plan may be the most recommended to begin with, because of the excellent balance between dedication, commitment and habit generation…


Which Training Plan to choose?

Our main recommendation is to select the plan that best suits the student’s time availability and the main objectives to be pursued, in relation to the work habit, cognitive abilities and chess level improvements. It is always possible choose a Plan and then swith to another one…


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