Which training plan to choose?

Train your Mind. Learn Chess

Our recommendation is to select the plan that best suits the student’s time availability and the main objectives to be pursued, regarding:

  • Working habit: The discipline of frequently completing exercises in a paused and concentrated way, combined with progress, will help establishing a work routine.

  • Cognitive abilities improvement: Attention, memory, perception, visualization and calculation are some of the abilities will be reinforced with practice.

  • Chess level improvement: By basing most exercises on the chess game, the student will make progress into many of the resources needed to play chess more effectively, almost without realizing it.

In the following table we provide, as an example, an approximate orientation of the time dedication and commitment:

Training Plan Approximate dedication time…
Squirrel Plan Less than 1 hour per week, distributed into 2 or 3 sessions.
Monkey Plan Between 1 and 3 hours a week. We recommend a minimum of 25 to 30 minutes session per day, for 3 – 4- 5 days per week.
Elephant Plan From 3 hours a week. We recommend a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes session per day, for 6-7 days per week.

It is important to know that, regardless of the previous time spent working on the platform, the practical development of a concrete plan will depend on each student’s individual conditions. Specially their age, their rhythm completing the exercises and their own possibilities that, in turn, will be evolving progressively when using the platform.

We believe that most of the time the Monkey Training Plan or the Elephant will surely be appropriate, not only because they’re prepared for completing a greater number of exercises, but also by dedicating more time, there is a greater exercise variety and therefore a greater work range. However, in some cases perhaps the most appropriated is the Squirrel Training Plan, when the student has very limited time, and the most important is to consolidate a habit gradually.

The better is to try to select the plan based on the combination of the time availability criteria, the objectives to be pursued with the training and the functionality range you would like to work with.

In any case, if you have doubts about the Plan that best fits, we are at your disposal to help you and recommend the Training Plan that best suits your specific case.

Chess practice can reinforce self-esteem, by helping create an advancing environment for the individual diagnosed with ADHD. An environment where he/she will feel safe and confident, which also has great positive connotation in the most emotional part, because the student will experience progress and will feel proud to do so.


The work methodology is common to all Training Plans. In all of them, using Internet connection, the student has access to the Online Campus Platform where he or she will be able to complete the different exercises in an autonomous way at home and without the need for presential monitoring…


Plan comparison. Pricing.

Compare the amount of monthly exercises in each Training Plan, as well as the exercises variety in each of them. Many times, the recognized Monkey Training Plan may be the most recommended to begin with, because of the excellent balance between dedication, commitment and habit generation…


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