Chess Visualization: calculate complex Knight’s targets


Develop your spatial visualization and your memory capacity, as well as your mastery of the chessboard geometry, through the movements of the horse and its jumps on the board, which are progressively automated until you reach mastery, regardless of your game level, so that you can implement it almost without noticing it during your games.

Chess Visualization: mental exercises and puzzles


This very well-known exercise is possibly one of the best and most complete trainings for your mind, combining abstract reasoning, memory, attention, spatial visualization, precision in calculation and creativity, together with tactical training in chess, by simulating the real way of thinking of high-level chess players.

Recognize Patterns: chess openings and plans


Train your memory, your visualization and pattern or position schemes recognition capacity to the maximum. These will help you identify and apply game plans, as well as the development of basic strategies in different chess game openings, in order to successfully make the transition to the half game.

Guess the Move! Play like your favorite GM


Exercise your concentration and memory, and develop strategies for problem solving and decision making in each position of a real chess game, using chess game models plays by the best players of all time, in which you will find the simplest moves, but also those that are only reachable by the best players in history.

Train Solving Chess Problems


Train your abstract reasoning and develop creative thinking strategies to solve chess problems from all categories, while increasing your tactical capacity in chess. Undoubtedly the resource that will make you quickly improve your playing level and the essential tool to develop combinations in chess.

Mathematics: basic operations I


Increase and improve your mental mathematical calculation capacity, developing thought strategies and exercising your short-term memory, mentally performing mathematical operations for all levels, which will help you get your mental activity up and running, especially at the beginning of your training sessions.

Mathematics with Chess Pieces


Increase and improve your mathematical mental calculation skills, developing mathematical thinking and grouping strategies, and exercising your short-term memory while automating the learning of the absolute value of chess pieces.

Find Forks and Skewers over the Chessboard


Develop your spatial visualization and optimize decisions to find the best locations of the different chess pieces along the board, by training a key tactical resource al all chess levels, such as the generation of double attacks and skewers to win chess material.

Calculate Knight’s Optimal Paths


Train your abstract reasoning, spatial visualization and learn to perfectly master the horse movements in chess, calculating the best paths to move the horse along the board, learning to optimize movements and drawing strategic plans to carry them out.



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